• Architecture - We design projects of all sizes and types. No project is too small or too big for us. We do and have done residential, commercial, educational and institutional projects. We aim to create memorable places that are good to be in through our architecture.
  • Interior Design - Our approach to interiors is to create spaces that work and work well, spaces that are a joy to live, work and spend time in. We are not style rigid, contemporary, modern, classical, oriental, African, mixed, We make spaces come alive.
     Interior Design
  • Master Planning - We plan sites for efficiency and functionality. We believe in balanced sites, open spaces community with native. Our master plans provide for total living solutions with forward looking approaches, energy efficiency, waste management, recycling and rescue. We also take into account future growth and development trends and opportunities.
  • Project Management - We manage projects with the approach of value addition and maximization. We believe in collaborative approaches and teamwork with the entire project team, including the clients and other consultants & contractors.
  • Environmental Design Advisory - We design in line with environmental requirements. We also offer environmental impact assessment services as required by environmental laws and regulations.
  • Building Construction Supervision - We provide construction supervision services and quality control. Our approach is to ensure quality control. Our approach is to ensure sound and proper construction, excellent workmanship and timely completion of projects.
     building construction
  • Computer Aided and Design - Using modern software we enhance design, graphics and animation. Our approach is to use computers and software tools in pursuit of design excellence, thorough project documentation and exhaustive communication on the project we undertake.
  • Real Estate Advisory Services - We analyze real estate development options for proposed project sites. We aggregate concept options. We analyze real estate development options for proposed project sites. We aggregate concept options. We draw on our experience working closely with developers to propose viable solutions that enhance the success of proposed projects. We also carry out, together with our associate consultants, viability and feasibility analysis.
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